Purchase a License

Personal license

To purchase a personal license to use USigner please follow these steps:

  1. Download and install USigner.
  2. Run the application.
  3. Right-click the tray icon and select the “License” item:

    Tray Icon Menu

  4. The “License Information” window will pop up:

    License Information Window

  5. Click the “Purchase a License” button. Your web browser will then open on the purchase page of this website where you can pay using your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account via PayPal.
    After completing all the steps related to the purchase of a license, you will receive the link to a license file by email. The license price is only $0,99

Note: the license can only be used on the computer on which it was purchased. The license will remain valid on your computer even if the system disk is replaced and/or the operating system is re-installed.

When new versions of USigner are released you do not need to purchase a new license. Previously purchased license will remain valid for the new version of the application.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Commercial license

A USigner application can be purchased with an unlimited license and be deployed on any number of computers in your office. The license is "unlimited" in the sense that it is not bound to any specific computer hardware and permits using USigner in multi-user environments.
If you represent a business entity that needs an unlimited license please contact us.