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USigner - User's Manual

Version 1.0


Intel® RealSense™ stereovision technology offers new capabilities for human-computer interactions. This technology allows for the development of a new generation of immersive applications, which can track facial gestures and hand motions, recognize speech and also include augmented reality.

Using Intel® RealSense™ innovative technology and a stereovision web-camera, the USigner app reads the movements of your hands and allows you to control the computer with hand motions. The high degree of accuracy and speed of gesture recognition are made possible through the use of modern machine learning methods.

This application has been designed for:

Advantages of USigner application over other solutions:

Getting started

Before starting to use the application, please make sure that the hardware configuration of your computer conforms to system requirements (see the "System Requirements" section).

Configuring the application

To open the application configuration window, click the "Configuration" button in the main window.

Configuration window

There are three sections in the Configuration window: Signs, Pointer Options, Startup.

In the "Signs" section the gestures recognized by the application are displayed: If the gesture is set to "repeat", then the display and holding of the gesture will cause multiple repeated pressings of the respective mouse button. To stop the repeating, show the open palm or any other gesture. When "repeat" option is not selected, the gesture will cause the pressing and holding down of the mouse button, any other gesture will release the mouse button. This way you can drag windows, select shortcuts on Windows Desktop, draw in Paint and much more.

In the "Pointer Options" section, you can configure two options:

In the "Startup" section, you can configure two options:

Press the "Apply" button to save and activate the settings.
The "Keyboard" button is used to pop-up the on-screen keyboard.


After installing the application, you can work with it in Trial Mode for 5 days. During this period, all of the functions of the application will be available to you without restrictions. When this period is over, you will have to purchase a personal license to continue using the application. To do this, open the application's tray icon menu and select the "License" item.

Tray icon menu

In the resulting window, click the "Purchase a License" button.

License information window

Your web browser will then open on the purchase page of the application's website, www.usigner.com. After completing all the steps related to the purchase of a license, you will receive the license file (license.lic) and two options to choose from:

The license can only be used on the computer from which the application was purchased. Please do not attempt to transfer it, as it will be of no use anywhere else. The license will remain valid on your computer even if the system disk is replaced and/or the operating system is re-installed.

When new versions of USigner are released, you do not need to purchase a new license.

Cursor Fine Positioning

Stereovision web-cameras (just like any other video cameras) have a limited field of view, so a single hand motion cannot move the cursor from one extreme point of the display to another – the hand will likely go beyond the field of view of the camera, and then cursor control will be lost. To solve this problem, we suggest the following sequence of actions, which will allow you to place the cursor anywhere, without leaving the camera's field of view:

Recognition Accuracy

Thanks to Intel® RealSense™ technology and modern machine-learning methods, we can ensure that the USigner has excellent accuracy when it comes to recognizing gestures. However, there are several factors, which, to varying degrees, influence the recognition accuracy and need to be taken into account:

System Requirements

USigner application uses the Intel® RealSense™ stereovision technology and operates only in conjunction with front-facing cameras (tested on F200 and SR300 models). Rear-facing cameras (such as R200 and ZR300) are not supported

Before you start working, make sure that an up-to-date camera driver (DCM driver) is installed in the operating system.

If you use the camera model F200, then the system requirements are as follows:

If you use the camera model SR300 or Razer Stargazer, then the system requirements are as follows:

See also: https://software.intel.com/en-us/RealSense/Devkit/


We would like to express our deep gratitude to the following developers and scientists: