Using Intel RealSense stereovision technology the USigner application tracks motion of your hands, recognizes various hand postures and allows controlling a computer with a wave of a hand.

This application has been designed for:

  • those who find gesture computer control useful and appropriate for their everyday activities;
  • those who feel that interacting with computers using gestures is more intuitive than using input devices;
  • those who prefer playing PC games without using input devices.

Advantages of USigner over the other solutions:

  • it recognizes three simple and intuitive hand postures for triggering a left click, middle click and right mouse click;
  • allows controlling the cursor movement on screen by a wave of a hand;
  • provides gesture control for any pre-existing application: office apps, browsers, graphics editors, 2D/3D games, etc.;
  • supports drag and drop: use 'pinch' posture to grab an object, move a hand to drag it, drop it by showing open palm;
  • supports all front-facing RealSense cameras (F200, SR300 and Razer Stargazer).